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Love Texas


We have always had a love of history and a love of Texas.  I am the 8th direct descendent of the founder of a small town on the banks of South Texas and Mexico named Laredo. 

Born and raised in Texas We developed a passion for the State itself.

Image by Vivian Arcidiacono
Image by Taylor Brandon

A Texas Atitude

The uniqueness, culture, individualism, basic attitude of Texas.  I grew up in the country on a small farm enjoying everything from hunting, fishing, to dirt bikes and camping, plowing, discing, growing hay and watermelons. It was a childhood I wouldn’t trade, and hope to pass along to our three boys.  I was lucky enough to marry a local girl whose Texas and American roots run just as deep or deeper, tracing all the way back to the revolutionary war. She herself grew up as a Texas Ranchers daughter, learning the appreciation and devotion to the animals and the land.


The 28th State
Outdoor Gear


Together we have taken bits and pieces of all the things we enjoy, our up bringing, our deep history and especially our love of Texas and the culmination is what we bring to you today. The 28th State.  The 28th State honors the day Texas welcomed the rest of the nation to join in on her greatness, December 29th, 1845. But more importantly The 28th State represents an attitude and everything about Texas that we love, our Outdoor Gear products are symbols of all of that. We set out to provide you with only the highest quality products that will withstand the day to day abuse you are willing to unleash. Whether it be bay fishing, hunting, tossing hay bales, or merely sitting back next to a good Ole’ mesquite fire laughing and loving life with your friends and family, we would love to be a part of that.

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